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Updated Racing Results + Excel Spreadsheet

What a Journey it's been since we started this website on November 10th and we couldn't be happier with our results and Formula over the months the results prove this. We use the best professional rating systems and form guides that cost a fortune, which gives us an edge over the average punter and provides us with crucial analysis and statistics 99% of punters don't have. This has assisted us in maintaining an unreal ROI, that no other tipster can match. Successful professional punters in horse racing and sports betting aim for around the 8-12% ROI mark, while we have provided a 95% ROI which proves our hard work is paying off the hours of form guide reading, rating analysis, and replay watching have paid off. Also, 99% of horse racing tipsters you see on social media or the internet do not track their results or provide a public spreadsheet as they are hiding their results because they aren't profitable. We look forward to the future and things to come, thanks for the support members.

Our Proven Formula:

- 3 Betting Days a week

- Under 10 tips on a betting day

- Average Win Price $12

- Early Mail odds

- Patience

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