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Updated RoughieHorse Results For November 10th to January 24th

Here are the updated results since the launch of our website in early November. Punters on our aggressive win only staking plan have won $20,000 in less than 3 months from $100 unit bets. That is unbelievable! Weekly recap below.

Results Spreadsheet Link:

Weekly Overview

This week we managed 3 roughie winners with Grand Pope at $9.5, Gulf of Saros $12, Birage $14 along with some placing. The week was another profitable one with win only punters taking home $1,250 for the week and each-way punters $360 for $100 unit stakes. The lows of the week was on Saturday and photo finishes with Barney's Blaze and Desert Icon both going down by centimetres.

Staking Plans

Conservative: Eachway (recommended)

This staking plan provides less returns, however provides a higher strike rate and better for short term punters wanting more winning weeks.

Aggressive: Win Only

Although this staking plan has the best returns, it is recommended for only serious and patient punters who can deal with a lower strike rate and loosing weeks. This provides a better long term option

Caulfield and Warwick Farm early mail tips out tonight!

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