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Week In Review 22nd-28th of November

How good? Another profitable week for members the best one yet! Our Tip sheet for Saturday was unbelievable picking 5 from 6 roughies! However we got a bit too arrogant with our Sunday Tips, but the great thing about roughies is you can allow a lower strike rate. Weekly ROI was 155% just unreal!

Updated ROIs:

107.45% on win only *unless place odds above 5 go each way

63.19% on eachway *unless best bets under $5 odds win only


We had 6 roughies on Saturday $10 on all of them to place the odds were 3,253.2 that would of been $32,532.5. Starauthoress was flying and the only one who didn’t place just missed by a length or 2 in a blanket finish could of been special.

3 winners

Graceful Girl $9 🥇

Outlaws Revenge $10 🥇

Lope De wolf $14 🥇

2 places

Street car $23/5 🥈stranger drifted to $31/7.50 and could of been a winner but shifted in the straight.

Perfect World $23/5 🥈

Investment -

What to do with your profits each week for passive income? We recommend investing half of your winnings in stock, say you won $500 for the week withdraw $250 into bank account withdraw the other $250 into cryptocurrency coins, this will allow for 2 sources of passive income. Don’t use your winnings to do impossible NBA multis or table tennis multis overnight be smart with your winnings. However this is just a recommendation, do what you please with your winnings.

Crypto Coins I recommend investing in-



Solana - Had $750 worth in March now worth $6000



I use Coinspot which is the most reliable Australian crypto trading service.

if you want to give it a try when signing up use the code below.

Thanks for the kind messages Members see you Wednesday!

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